Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Bless America

I can't help it, I am very emotional about the Obama presidency. I've been glued to the TV for a couple of days watching the activity in Washington, D.C. This morning's inauguration was stunning. I so wish I had been there to soak in the joy and optimism that was surging through the City.

I was in high school, filled with idealism when the civil rights marches were happening in the South. I wanted to change the world then and over the years I've tried to contribute in my small way. The last 8 years have been such a difficult time for our Country....I've been so sad and unhappy about the political choices that have been made and the lives that have been lost in War. There were times when I truly wondered who my fellow Americans were. Today changed all that for me. My heart is full of love and appreciation for my Country and the ability we have to rise and choose to overcome ourselves.

President Obama said it all in his inauguration speech. America is back! The dream lives and the American people can and will do what it takes to clean up the mess we have created. We will get past our greed, our fear, our arrogance, our failures, our aggression, our smallness and grow into our bigger, better selves and be once again, the beacon of light and hope and freedom in this World.

It is a new America. An America that can embrace a Black man as our President and look to him for leadership and inspiration. President Obama has asked us to commit to the service of our Country and each other. I'm willing, are you??