Monday, October 29, 2012

Settling In

My new Swing

I still don't have my blog editing figured out.  The text that appears below my pictures was suppose to be up here so I'm afraid this posting is a little confusing.  Anyway, it is all about the work I did on my backyard after being away for the summer.  I'm loving the way it looks.  I hope you do too.
View from the patio

Path to my Wagon Wheel Corner

This is the rabbit proof area for planting flowers

The grass &rosemary green area

New Rock Lined Path

My Patio Area

A view to the backyard

Cactus and Agave area filling in

Alittle outdoor art on the Living Fence
So I've been home from my summer travels for almost a month now.  Still not completely unpacked, hard to believe but true.  I spent a couple weeks feeling overwhelmed with being home and actually having to keep a house and yard and live a "real" life.  I hated the way my yard looked.  The summer had not been kind to it so I called Gilbert and we got busy.  Now the hard stuff is done and it looks so good and I am busy with planting and doing the little "tweeking" things I love to do.  Purchasing a garden swing was a totally frivolous expenditure but it brings me such joy to swing that I just did it.  The beautiful Park in Port Townsend with the old fashioned glider was such a place of tranquility for me I wanted to replicate the experience at home.  Here are some pictures of the results of all the work Gilbert and I did. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Home in Arizona

I left Port Townsend and traveled South.  Spent 2 nights with Marianne and then on to my Cousin Lee's place in Sandy, Oregon.  His wife Peni died last November and Lee has gone through open heart surgery so I was happy to see him and his daughter Stacy.  I hope I brought him some love, plus I got to watch the President debate with a man who shares my political leanings.  All good.

When I left Sandy, Oregon I got on Hiway #5 and just drove everyday until I felt so tired I needed to get off the road.  1300 miles with only 2 overnight stops.  So this "Road Warrior" is now "road weary".  I got home last weekend and have been working on getting my house back in order, unloading the car, getting the yard problems fixed and the AZ room (screened in room) cleaned up from 4 months of dust.   The mail situation was overwhelming.  So much paper to look through...most of it magazines, catalogs and Junk.  It has now been whittled down to a small stack of things to either file or take care of.  I also found out that the resale shop I take my clothes to for selling has closed.  I had a check and letter in the mail but she closed the checking account in September so I have to take a loss there.  Oh well, onward we go.

I got back in time to attend the first meeting of the year for the League of Women Voters.  It was a great meeting and wonderful to see all the women again.  They presented information (pro and con) on the AZ. Ballot Measures and I now have the info I need to vote.  I'm so glad I found and joined the League.  They are a group of older women who are uber smart and do such good work in educating the public and registering voters. 

I have to admit that coming home is quite a let down from the summer I had.  I've been very tired and feel myself getting depressed.  I'm sure this will pass, it always does but when I am in the process it is not fun.  Think I'll add some of the pictures that haven't yet made it to this blog.  I know seeing them will bring some cheer to my soul.

Fall has arrived in the Northwest

The wonderful Rose Theater in PT

Downtown Hotel Port Townsend

My Favorite Lunch place, Silverwater Cafe in PT

Historic Water Tower PT

Downtown Fountain Plaza, Port Townsend

View from Uptown with ferry coming from Whidbey Island

The wonderful Aldrich Market in Uptown

Food Bank Garden

One of my happy places PT Library

My last Poetry reading at the Writer's Workshoppe

Living Room in my summer Cabin