Friday, June 29, 2012

My Nesting Place , The Gull Wing Inn at Moclips, WA.

My sitting room

Over my King size bed

Clever use of glass panels

Shells from the local beach

Corner in Bathroom

Cute way to show off shells

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nesting on the shores of the Pacific Ocean

I drove all day yesterday from Astoria to Moclips, WA.  I made a few stops along the way to shop and lunch.  I arrived in Moclips and settled into my little cabin at the Gull Wing Inn.  I am now gazing out my window at the Pacific Ocean.  So peaceful and nurturing to my soul.  I am so fortunate that I can get away for the summer and get a dose of the sea and nature's green. 

"Moby" gazing at the Pacific Ocean
The desert is a beautiful place in so many ways, I especially love the red rock areas of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon plus the low valley's blooming cactus and wild flowers.  But I think having grown up in the Northwest and Whidbey Island, that the sea is in my DNA.  So getting back to it means a lot to me and brings me such joy.
A valient attemp at Kite flying

Looking South from Moclips beach
Last night I was able to drive down on the sand and enjoyed watching a father and his little girl try to keep a kite in the air.  My SUV, "Moby" seemed to be right at home on the sand.  The place I am staying is perfect for what I want.  Short walk to the beach, hot tub outside my door, helpful, friendly proprietors, and nothing really to do but relax and enjoy nature.  I'm hoping to get my writing mojo running and get a good dose of rest after having made this long drive from home. 

The Road to Astoria

The Mighty Columbia

The bridge connecting Washington & Oregon

The view from John's Kitchen window

My "Hoodie" Soul Brother John

Sunset in Astoria
After my lunch with Rita I meandered my way to Astoria, Oregon to spend a couple nights with another friend of many years.  The trip is beautiful, I drove the road on the Washington side of the Columbia River and had to visit the historic covered bridge that I remembered from years past.  It is still there and still beautiful.  The road goes through some lovely wooded areas and moves away from the Columbia for a distance and then you are back along this mighty river until you get to the amazing bridge that takes you into Astoria.  The pictures say it all.

Thank you to my dear friend John for making me so comfortable and "at home"....I now have "jude's room" waiting for my anytime I want it in Astoria.  Can't get much better than that. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lunch with a dear, old friend

I woke up in this morning in Vancouver, WA. and it was pouring rain.  I packed up and found the restaurant where I was to meet my friend Rita for lunch.  Fortunately, there was a great coffee shop across the street so I got my morning latte and muffin, and read the local papers.  I met Rita at 11:30 and we shared a good, long hug.  I hadn't seen her since our class reunion 2 summers ago so it was a real treat to spend some time together.  The restaurant is called Beaches and sits right on the Columbia River.  We had a table at the window and the view was fabulous.  They had razor clams on the menu so my choice was easy.  Razor clams are a real treat and not easy to find.  These were delicious.  By the time we finished lunch the sun had come out and it was a beautiful day.  Rita was my Maid of Honor when I married in 1960, she is a very special friend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bend, Oregon

Artichokes at the Farmers Market

Bread at the Farmers Market

Mt. Bachelor
Gorgeous local Flowers
Riverside Park

I've spent 3 days here and enjoyed it so much.  I was here about  10 years ago and am amazed at the growth since then.  Population is about 80,000 and it appears to be thriving.  Beauty is everywhere.

Mt. Batchelor looks down on the town and it is great to see a snow capped Mountain again.  I know I am in the Northwest.  There is a beautiful park on the banks of the river that runs through town. 

Today I spent some time at the Farmers Market and the park.  Also had to make a stop at Radio Shack to get a new power source for my GPS...the old one had some wires that got pulled one works fine.

In the morning I'm heading North to Sandy, Oregon to spend some time with my cousins.
I'm having a great time.

Carson City, Nevada

Niece Tracy in her cool Kitchen
  I love, love, love the valley where Carson City is located.  It is the capitol city of Nevada so it has lots of historic buildings and established residential areas.  My niece and her husband are experiencing the first years of "empty nest" and (don't tell their kids), are loving it.  They have a lovely home with all the best for guests.  I was pampered for 2 days with good company, good food and a nice taste of thrift shopping.  I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures but I did get one of niece Tracy Monday morning.  Then on to Bend, Oregon and the nicest Motel 6 I have ever stayed in.  More on Bend later.

On To Carson City, Nevada

Loved this old building

Especially the Bell Tower

Old and Cool

Not sure the name of this lake but it went on forever!
Leaving Bishop on CA.395 is a fun drive with some older towns along the way.  When you get into Oregon, it becomes miles and miles of nothing.  One road sign said "90 miles to the next gas".  I had planned to spend the night in Lakeview, Oregon but I still had miles of driving left in me and Lakeview had really nothing to see or do, so hit the road. 

Barstow to Bishop

Bishop, CA. Motel

My first view of the Sierras (CA. 395)
 I left Barston and found CA. 395 and headed north.  Once you get out of the desert valley you start climbing and before you know it you are looking ahead to the Sierras.  I had planned to stay at the Motel 6 in Bishop but I didn't like the looks of the place....(note to Motel 6, time for renovation).  So I stayed at a small, local, funky Motel.  It was clean, retro and had a great pool.

Next Morning I began the journey to Carson City Nevada to spend a couple of days with my niece Tracy and her sweet husband Eddy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm On The Road At Last

I left Sun City West early, about 7:30AM.  Amazing for me but I was more than ready to get going.  I drove up AZ Hiway 93 to Kingman and then Hiway 40 into California, ending the day in Barstow.  I've made this trip a few times before and I do have to laugh at the idea that Barstow is my choice for an overnight stop.  Barstow is a dusty, desert town with not much to recommend it but it is a good first day stop at 375 miles from home.  I stayed at the Motel 6 this time and was pleasantly surprised.  Very clean, fast WIFI, friendly staff and a comfortable bed.  All in all, a good first day.

Old Masonic Hall

Great Pie
In the morning I headed west on California Hiway 58 to CA. 395.  It is a lot of miles of nothing but barren desert until you start climbing into the Eastern Sierra Mountains.  I have always enjoyed this trip up 395.  I remember doing this drive years ago with my husband Charlie.  These days the little towns like Lone Pine, Independence have grown and seem to be doing OK with lots of tourist activity. I stopped in Independence at Jenny's Cafe for pie and coffee.  It was great, she had just taken 5 pies out of the oven, so I chose the strawberry & rhubarb.  Delicious.  The cafe is in an old Masonic Hall and very cute inside.  Jeni was fun to talk to.  Tonight I am staying in Bishop.  I didn't like the looks of the Motel 6 here so chose an older, kind of funky place called  The Village Motel.  It is just fine.  Clean, WIFI, a pool (which I plan to make use of when I am through posting this) and a lovely, helpful, young woman at the desk.   

Tomorrow I am heading for Carson City, Nevada to spend a couple of night with my niece Tracy and her husband Ed.  Looking forward to that visit.  Tracy always is a delight.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Counting Down the Days

The "List" is well in hand and I'm getting more excited every day about "hitting the road" yet again, this summer without Ms. Capri.  I will leave AZ on June 14th drive to Barstow, Ca. for my first night stay.  Next morning it is up CA.#395 to Carson City, Nevada and a visit with my niece Tracy.  Then on to Bend, Oregon for a couple days....Bend is a nice City in a beautiful setting.  From Bend I head to Sandy, Oregon to spend a couple days with my cousins Lee and Treva.  Then to Vancouver, Wa. to lunch and catch up with Rita my old friend from High School.  From Vancouver it is on to Astoria, Oregon to visit with friend John. 

From Astoria I drive up the WA. coast to Moclips for a week at the Gull Wing Inn. Lovely spot to rest, write and enjoy the ocean and beaches....hopefully get some fresh seafood!  July 3rd I'm heading for Federal Way, WA. to spend the rest of July with my friend Marianne and see my Seattle friends.  "The Old Girl's Drinking Club" will surely meet up.  I love those amazing women.

In August I'll be in Port Townsend at Sea Dreams Cottage.  I love Port Townsend and hope to see some of my friends in the area.  Also plan to drop in at the Writers Workshop and meet those great folks and I plan to enjoy the best Farmers Market in WA.  When September rolls around I will head south down the California Coast to San Diego to end my summer with my son Dan and his Onay.  I plan to be back in AZ by September 15th to activate my "real" life....but oh those summers, how I enjoy them.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Katie Graduates from Sonoma State University

Michael, Katie, Dan & Onay

Our Proud Graduate

Grandma & Katie

Brother & Sister

 I had the great pleasure of spending Mothers Day weekend in Santa Rosa, CA. attending my granddaughter Katie Haven's graduation from College.  She was one of the speakers so the Havens family got reserved seats.  Katie was a Political Science major and has secured a job working in Virginia in the Senate campaign of Tim Kaine.  She begins this new adventur in mid-June.  What a great opportunity to be involved in politics "on the ground".  I'm sure she will dazzle them in VA. and I hope this leads to something wonderful for her.  It was so wonderful to be with the whole family all weekend.  My son Dan and his wife Onay can be very proud of how they have raised two great kids, Katie and Michael.  Michael just finished up his freshman year at Boise State College and was able to come to graduation.