Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life is Good

Someone told me this morning that I sparkle! Well to tell the truth, I feel "sparkly". My life is going so well. My health has improved measurably...turns out this business of diet and exercise is true. I am eating well, based on what is needed for "heart health"...I'm exercising regularly...getting stronger and smaller. I've lost 35 pounds since my "heart event" last August and intend to keep on with this regimen.

In addition to the physical improvements, I have finally found my "Tribe" here in Arizona. I've joined the League of Women Voters, and although they practice non-partisanship in their activities, I have found a group of intelligent, liberal minded women I can relate too. I have also discovered where the Democrats have been hiding and am joining their ranks. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to finally have people I can talk to that hold beliefs compatible with mine. Arizona has been such a cultural and political challenge for me and I have struggled with making my home here. At last I feel that I can find peace and a way to contribute. Halleluja!

I will be going to San Diego June 1st to spend a couple of weeks with Dan and family. My grandson Michael graduates from High School on June 9th and I want to be front and center for that. Katie will be home for a week or so before she goes back to Sonoma State for her summer job. I haven't seen my family since Christmas so I'm looking forward to some much needed hugs and time with them.

I'm home on June 12th and then it is the countdown to the 26th when I fly out to Dublin. I'll be keeping this blog to chronical my summer travels through Ireland and England. My excitement is building....I'm eager for this new adventure.