Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shelter as Art

Well I am still here in Oklahoma. Big thunder storm and rain today so I decided to delay my trip to Arkansas a day. For the last couple of day I've been gazing across the road at a hand painted mural. Today I commented on how nice it was to have the artwork and was informed that the structure was "useful as well as ornamental". Turns out it is the tornado shelter for the RV park! This conversation took place in the laundry room during an especially loud burst of thunder. I was assured that "we've hardly ever had to use the shelter"..."we are near but not in the tornado corridor". Comforting....yes???

Im posting pictures of the "Shelter Art" for your enjoyment. Also the lovely eye coloration I have acquired since my hitch handle mishap. It's all art to me.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just an "Oakie" near Muskogee

Left New Mexico and drove on to Amarillo. Stayed at the Amarillo Ranch, RV Park for one night. Met a nice couple who are living in the park and working locally. They were living in Boise, Idaho happy and working until the September 11th disaster. They lost their jobs when the business slowdowns happened and relocated to Portland, Oregon. They told me the gray days finally got to them and they transferred to Amarillo. They are still not settled and as soon as their work contract is up they are relocating again, this time Minnesota. They are 40ish, no kids and trying to find a place to put down roots. Lord knows I've been there. I wish them well.

I left Amarillo day before yesterday, and drove almost 400 miles to Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. The lake is huge and the water is very muddy looking. I guess with all the rain and runnoff they have had lately. I'm staying in an RV park just outside of Checotah. Famous as the hometown of Carrie Underwood. They are clearly very proud of her. Big sign on Hiway #40 announcing the fact. Not much of a town but very nice people. I had a good southern breakfast at Katy's Cafe this morning. Biscuits and good.

Last night they had an ice cream social at the RV park. Met the regulars and some folks passing through. One couple was especially nice. They loved my "Capri" and I gave them a tour. They were heading for Branson, Mo. today. They are in their late 80's, married 66 years and "on their game". It was a pleasure to talk to them and they certainly have my admiration.

Had a little accident while I was unhooking. The handle on the trailer hitch spun around and whacked me above my left eye. Today I am sporting a vivid purple shiner. Didn't need eye shadow when I did my makeup.

Well that is enough for today. I am going for a swim and then fix a little dinner. Tomorrow it is on the road again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Day on the Road

I left Sun City West this morning at 8:30AM and except for gas stops drove 450 miles to Albuequerque, NM. It was an adventure. Very different pulling Ms. Capri. Lots of down shifting to get through the mountains...averaged about 60mph. We won't even discuss gas mileage. The good news was gas prices under $4.00 once I got into NM. Nice break.

I stopped at the truck scales and had the trailer weighed. According to my owner's manual, I can tow up to 3500 pounds. Ms. Capri weighed in at 3200. Whew!

Tonight I am staying at the Enchanted Trails RV Park. Located next door to Camping World. Plan to shop for a light weight table tomorrow and get in a swim. I will stay here 2 nights and then on to Amarillo, TX.

I am heading for my bed....450 miles is a long day. Don't plan on any more like that.
Sweet Dreams.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June in the Valley of the Sun

My first summer in Arizona and it is HOT! Today was 112 degrees and the rest of this week is forecasted to be as hot and hotter. I am trying to get my trailer loaded and ready to go for the rest of this summer. I'm having to do most of the work in the early morning or evening when it cools down to 90 degrees. This Seattle gal has not yet aclimated.

I plan to pull out on Sunday, June 22nd and head for Little Rock, AR. I'm meeting up with my traveling pal, Sandy and we are doing Branson, Memphis and Nashville for two weeks. She then heads home to Florida and I am footloose and fancy free. I'm thinking I'll stay in the South....head for the North Carolina coast but who knows...I love the freedom of knowing I can go where the spirit moves me. I checked on gas prices and they are in the $3 range in the places I plan to travel. Amazing how that now sounds like a bargain.

Last summer I traveled in a 13 foot travel trailer. This year my new trailer is 16.5feet and it feels HUGE. It is not however, as easy to pull as old "Cassie" so I will be going slower and eating more gas. I think the trade off for more space will prove worth it....I sure hope so.

On to Scotland

My friend Sandy flew home and I went on to Scotland. I joined a tour of the Highlands and then spent a week on my own in Edinburgh. What a beautiful and friendly country Scotland is. The scenery actually reminded me very much of Washington State....however, we don't see very many century old castles in WA.

The highlight was the Isle of Skye and meeting Anthony Bourdine in Edinburgh.

The Big trip to the UK...Sept. & Oct. 2007

After spending the first summer of my retirement traveling the Southwest US in my "Cassie" I was ready for a big adventure. My first trip to Europe. I did it the easy way by going to England and Scotland thinking I didn't want to add a language barrier to this first trip. All I can say about that is the English, Scots and Americans are all wonderful people, separated by a common language!!!
In early September, I flew to Heathrow and met my good friend Sandy in London. We spent just 2 days in London and headed to Stratford on Avon to spend a week. We had a wonderful time visiting castles and the Cotswolds. Pictures follow......

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Katie's graduation

I am in San Diego to attend my granddaughter Katie's graduation. She will be attending Sonoma State College in August. Happy times for all of us.