Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Three Graces

Karen, Marianne and Sandy, my 3 for always and forever friends. I have been friends with each of them for well over 30 years. What a blessing in this life of mine. I just want to acknowledge and let anyone who reads this blog, know that without my women friends my life would have been so empty. So today call your own "Graces" and let them know what they mean to you.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things are Better

I spent last week in San Diego with Onay and Dan. We are all having to get used to not having Katie and Michael around. Michael is in his first year at Boise State and Katie is in her last year at Sonoma State...empty nest time for Dan and Onay. I wish them well, it is a hard least it was for me. Dan had to go to the Northwest this week for business and Onay went along to keep him company when he's not working. Nice.
Home now and catching up with Dr. appointments. Got a good report from my Cardiologist and got a shot of steroid in my knee. Orthopedic Dr. says I've got another 3-4 years before I will need a knee replacement....he stressed the no stairs. So it is time to get back on my healthy eating and exercise program. Tomorrow I attend my first Board meeting of the League of Women Voters. They will be electing me to the Board as Director of Immigration. I've got some learning to do on this is a complicated issue, especially in the Mexican border states. I chose it so I can educate myself and others on the issue, and hopefully, get past all the racial and emotional roadblocks to a real understanding. Wish me luck....I will need it.

My Gorgeous Grandkids Katie and Michael

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