Monday, October 20, 2008

Trip to San Diego

My grandaughter Katie, came home from College (Sonoma State) for the first weekend since August. So I went to San Diego to see her and visit my family. We had a great time. I always love being in San Diego. Perfect weather and familiar turf for me. We went to Seaport Village on Sunday to eat at one of our favs...The Greek Island Cafe, known to us as "Jerry G's". Good food and great outdoor seating on the water.

We took Katie to the airport after dinner and then waited for several hours to get her "home safe" phone call. I noticed we all relaxed then. She is growing into a lovely, competent, young woman, but she is still our "little girl"...and we worry.

Michael is just a few months from turning 16 and he actually misses his sister. Amazing.

In San Diego

My grandaughter Katie came home from College (Sonoma State)for the first time since August. I came to San Diego to spend the weekend with her and the family. We have had a lovely visit. San Diego has perfect weather, and is good, familiar turf for me.

We all went to Seaport Village Sunday night to eat at our favorite place, The Greek Island Cafe...better known to us as "Jerry G's". Then we took Katie to the airport and waited for her call to say she was safe and back at college. Once we had that message we all exhaled and relaxed.

Our girl is growing up to be a lovely young woman.

Life is Good

Since my last post I have been busy. I joined the Westernaires singing group and I absolutely love it. It is so wonderful to be back in a choral group. They are quite good and being surrounded by 4+ part harmonies is a spiritual experience for me. The leader is a hoot. She is technically excellent and has a great sense of humor. We practice for 2-2 and a half hours at a time and it flies by. We are getting ready for a Christmas concert and will do another in the Spring. I have also joined a writing class with a teacher from the University of Washington. I knew he was my kind of guy when I attended the first class and he arrived with his Obama button up front and visible. His focus is poetry, right up my alley. Although he is a fan of the modern, open format. I will have lots to learn.

My big project with the house has been to have the exterior painted and do some planting. I went with a yellow, grey and white color theme. I love the result. What do you think? I'm still experimenting to find "rabbit proof" plants. So far it is pretty limited. I just read that putting baby powder on the plants will discourage the rabbits. I'll be trying that soon.