Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in San Diego

Both of my grandkids are home for Christmas break so my heart is happy. We had a lovely Christmas with Onay's sister, her son Chris and Onay's brother joining us for our traditional prime rib dinner. We had many gifts and fun. I got a new printer and router for my computer plus the expertise of my son to fix whatever can be fixed on my computer after being attacked a few weeks ago by a virus. Still not sure what can be salvaged from the hard drive. Keeping my fingers crossed that all is not lost and dedicated to backing up in the new year.

Tomorrow I leave San Diego to drive to LaQuinta, CA. to do Christmas with my brother and his wife. I'll spent the night with them and head home on the 30th. It seems to have become our tradition and a good one it is. New Years eve I am meeting up with Karen to go to the Burning Bowl ceremony at the Unity Church. At this service we let go of the past and look to the coming year. Another wonderful tradition.

So I am ready for the New Year in which I will have the joy of an extended visit from my friend Sandy. A surgical adventure to replace my right knee joint and the May graduation from College for my granddaughter Katie. Then summer in WA. with my friend Marianne. Already a full calender and it isn't even January!

Christmas in San Diego

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All

I started my drive to San Diego on Dec. 22nd so that I could be here for my son Dan's Birthday on Dec. 23rd. The drive went well but I started to get drowsy after I crossed the AZ./CA. border and decided to stop in El Centro for the night. So at about 5PM I pulled into a Motel 6 and crashed. Fortunately this Motel 6 was newly renovated and very nice plus being under $50 for the night. Refreshed and ready I completed my journey the next day.

Dan's birthday was being celebrated at the Port brew pub and pizza place in Solana Beach so we headed over to meet up with Dan. We had a fun night and I had my first piece of pizza since my heart surgery. It tasted good but won't start me back on the road to runination, at least not with pizza.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Judy's Birthday

Before I left San Diego at Thanksgiving, the kids had a birthday party for me and a great gift card to HomeGoods. One of my new favorite stores. Yes, it is fun to get out of the thrift stores from time to time and especially nice using a gift card. When I got home I had my traditional Hot Fudge Sundae lunch with Karen and yet another gift card to enjoy, this time to I spent an extra "birthday" pampering myself with a pedicure, massage and hair cut. Total heaven.
I have to say that this years number is a little amazing to me. Seventy years old and still feeling young and ready for a new adventure. The only thing slowing me down is this damn arthritis...but I'm working with a good Dr. at the Mayo Clinic and am in good hands. I know I have to get back to my weight and exercise program for both the arthritis and my heart. It is so hard to get myself motivated when I am in pain. I can always come up with an excuse to keep me from doing the right thing for the long haul. On my birthday, I heard from everyone I love and all the friends on and off Facebook. It was a wonderful day.
The sad news I received was that my dear cousin Peni had passed away. I knew it was coming soon but for her way too soon. She and I had birthdays only a couple of weeks apart and sadly she didn't get to see her 70th year. She had a good life, especially when she married her Lee at 17. He was 10 years older and at the time nobody in the family gave them much hope. Well everyone was wrong because they had a good marriage and a house filled with love. Peni and Lee have two children, and grandchildren and good, good friends. I hope they will all find comfort in each other and the memories of Peni. She was an artist and had an open and loving heart. I had gotten especially close to her since my retirement and I consider that a real gift. I know she will rest in peace and love.
So I am filled with gratitude for the blessing of seventy years, good friends and a loving family. I can't wait to see what my next adventure will be. Stay tuned, something is bound to turn up.

Thanksgiving in San Diego

I love the tradition of Thanksgiving with my Havens-Hulusi families and friends. The grandkids were home from college and it was a short but good visit. Only downside for me is my arthritic knee. The injection I got in September hasn't lasted and I'm back in pain. Really makes my life difficult.
This year we had 3 kinds of turkey. Deep fried, smoked and our traditional roasted. My preference went with tradition and the dinner was wonderful. We had a full table plus another table. I got some Christmas and "Judy" shopping done in San Diego and enjoyed a day at the beach. I so miss the water so these trips to SD mean a lot to me.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Three Graces

Karen, Marianne and Sandy, my 3 for always and forever friends. I have been friends with each of them for well over 30 years. What a blessing in this life of mine. I just want to acknowledge and let anyone who reads this blog, know that without my women friends my life would have been so empty. So today call your own "Graces" and let them know what they mean to you.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things are Better

I spent last week in San Diego with Onay and Dan. We are all having to get used to not having Katie and Michael around. Michael is in his first year at Boise State and Katie is in her last year at Sonoma State...empty nest time for Dan and Onay. I wish them well, it is a hard least it was for me. Dan had to go to the Northwest this week for business and Onay went along to keep him company when he's not working. Nice.
Home now and catching up with Dr. appointments. Got a good report from my Cardiologist and got a shot of steroid in my knee. Orthopedic Dr. says I've got another 3-4 years before I will need a knee replacement....he stressed the no stairs. So it is time to get back on my healthy eating and exercise program. Tomorrow I attend my first Board meeting of the League of Women Voters. They will be electing me to the Board as Director of Immigration. I've got some learning to do on this is a complicated issue, especially in the Mexican border states. I chose it so I can educate myself and others on the issue, and hopefully, get past all the racial and emotional roadblocks to a real understanding. Wish me luck....I will need it.

My Gorgeous Grandkids Katie and Michael

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home in AZ, London was a "Riot"

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to be home. The last week in London was a nightmare. The riots were all around me and I felt captive in my room. So much fear in the air and the sound of sirens all through most nights. I tried to get a flight out sooner but couldn't work it out. When I finally got home I had a basic meltdown from all the stress and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. I'm doing better now and getting my self together. I spent yesterday at Mayo Clinic with my cardiologist and have a good positive plan now.
Clearly I had no way to know that my final week in London would errupt into a nightmare but I did learn some valuable lessons from this summer trip. I took on too much for too long. 7 weeks away from home, alone with lots of physical demands is too much for me these days. I've now done all the foreign travel I want to do for now. Going it alone has some advantages but it is not a good thing when trouble comes. Summer visits to Seattle and San Diego are looking better and better.
I do want to show the pictures from the last good days in London. A visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum was the highlight.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

777777Victoria & Albert Museum plus other stuff

Hi Y'all,
Tomorrow is packing day and trying to find a place to print out my boarding pass. My taxi is ordered to arrive at 4;45 AM Monday morning. That's right, very, very, early. My flight leaves at 7:45 AM and they advise 3 hours prior to flight but I'm only giving them 2 hours. Heathrow has body scanners so that should be interesting. Wonder if I get a print of my innards??? Things have quieted down here in London, although there are still some looting happening. A grocery story within walking distance of me, got raided, during the early evening by a group of young thugs. It is boarded up and there was an article in the local paper. So it is not over yet.
Now on the cheerier reports. The Victoria and Albert Museum was totally impressive and huge. I have never seen so many marble and ivory nudes....I spent quite a while in gazing mode. What a collection of design art they have, plus a lovely garden area to have tea. Such interesting architecture, I took a bunch of pics that I hope give you some idea of what V&A is like...Today I went to the Camden Street Market. Pictures will follow soon. Great antique stuff, lots of vintage clothes, etc. but prices were very high ... and even higher with the exchange rate. So no shopping just looking today. It is off to bed for me and a "work" day tomorrow. I hope I can pack in a way that makes my luggage more manageable.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last day out before I knew about the London Riots

Monday I took the bus into central London and did some shopping and ate dinner out with the idea of attending the evening service at St. Paul's Cathedral. I was in the adjoining plaza square taking pictures of some incredible statuary and metal art and wondering why there were so many police wagons buzzing by in full sirens. I thought there must have been a terrible accident or something. When It came time for the St. Paul Service, it was reason just a notice. So I hopped a bus home and started hearing people talking about riots in Totenham...and so it began. I don't have a TV in my room so my news comes from the internet...things are settling down now but last night there were 16,000 London police on the streets....days of the sound of sirens and terrible scenes of looting and burning. Not a great way to end my trip to London but I'm sharing these great pictures I took and hope to have more to share before I head for home. This to shall pass.