Sunday, September 23, 2012

Winding up my summer in Washington State

When I pulled out of my garage in AZ. the middle of June, I had no idea I would have the wonderful summer I have had here in my home State of Washington.  I think it has been one of the best since I retired.  Filled with old and new friends, lots of opportunties for creativity, amazing weather and the discovery of a town I have fallen in love with.  It is so funny, that I have been to Port Townsend many times over the years and never felt the way I do now.  Although I would love to be able to live here year 'round, I know what to expect from the weather in the coming months.  Long winter days of dark and damp that make my joints cry out for relief and my psyche long for a "sun break".  So instead of lamenting something I have no control over, I will rejoice in the fact that I have choice.  I can spend my winter days in my beautiful Arizona home enjoying all the benefits I was beginning to take for granted and when the desert begins to burn I have this place awaiting me.     I wrote a poem to express how I am feeling about Port Townsend.        

 "The Magic Of Place"                                             

To find a place that fits is always a gift
In this town I knew the minute I came over the hill
And looked down at this gathering of
Brick, wood, stone, glass and water
And was overwhelmed with the
Energy of Good

Maybe it is the history still alive
With stories and vision

Maybe it is the water
That rises to cleanse the shores

Maybe it is the people
Who began here and stayed
Or left and returned
Or the ones like me
Attracted to the mystery

I don't know why a place can feel so right
And feed your soul just by being
But when you find such a place
You should bow in Gratitude
And add your energy
To keep it Good

Port Townsend Farmer's Market

Happily buying Heirloom Tomatoes and Flowers

The Writer's Workshoppe, a welcoming place

More of the Farmer's Market

At the Beach in downtown Port Townsend

Beauty survives

My Neighbors

The Cabin that has been my home for a month
I have decided to come back next summer and stay June through September in this cute little cabin.  I have found a wonderful Unity Church and gotten to know some lovely people there.  I have been writing and reading my poetry at the "Open Mike" at the Writer's Workshoppe and met some talented people who have been very kind regarding my work.  My Cabin is located in the very real Uptown Neighborhood where something is happening all the time. The local Farmer's Market on Wednesday and Saturday has kept me in flowers, and fresh veggies,  I have been going to an exercise class at the Community Center, I have a new library card, I've attended Gallery Walks, found all the good Thrift Stores and actually done some crafts in addition to writing.  There is real "pride of ownership" in Uptown, people have restored old Victorians, cottages abound, and the local deer roam freely, protected here. Although it is lovely to see them on the streets and in the yards, they bring chaos to the gardeners that haven't yet installed "deer fencing".  After many years of trying to out smart the rabbits that have destroyed my attempts at Arizona gardening, my sympathy has transferred to the gardeners.
Celebrating my First Open Mike Reading

My First Driftwood Mobile

My Second Driftwood Mobile

Taking the Ferry

Ferry to West Seattle

Before picture of my Wreath

After Picture of my Wreath

Local Neighborhood House & Yard

Bicycle as Yard Art

Another Neighborhood House with a beautiful yard

Local Business on Water Street

City Park on the Water

Downtown Water View

Music on the Dock with a local free spirit