Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working the "Before I can Leave LIST"

Well, not leave permanently, although I have a pretty good set of instruction for that too.  Want to spare my son too many decisions when I kick the bucket. 

But for now I'm just getting ready to go to Port Townsend for the summer.  The LIST is about 45 items long but I'm working my way through.  Amazing all the preparation it takes to go live somewhere else for 3 months.  My friend Sandy calls it Summer Camp and she is right on with that description.

3 months of no schedules, no responsibilities, lots and lots of free time to write and read and wander.  Actually, I used to think that described retirement!  But no, retirement is filled with "must do's"....schedules, responsibilities, and surprisingly little time to do nothing.  At least that is how my retirement has rolled out.  So 3 months of "summer camp" sounds and is wonderful.

I'm returning to the place I spent last summer when I completely fell in love with Port Townsend, Washington.  This year I have some additional fun stuff to do.  A Hawaiian style wedding in July, a get together with some friends from High School...the ones I really like.  A week "apt. sitting" in a luxury, downtown Seattle apartment....and hopefully some visits from family and friends. 

So now it is on with the LIST and only good things ahead........5 days until lift off!