Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nice to be back in the West

I had a beautiful ride over the mountains to Arizona. I took some great pictures of the scenery and some unusual art pieces in a couple of small towns on the way. I decided to spend a few days at a nice RV park in Show Low, AZ., a beautiful spot in the White Mountains....where the temperatures are in the 80's. I though it made good sense to clean up and organize Ms. Capri in this nice cool weather. Sun City West is still in the 103-106 degree temps and I'd like to make my transition to my other life as pleasant as possible.

This morning I spent 90 minutes doing water aerobics with a lovely group of ladies at the RV park pool. Almost like being at home. Tonight I have been watching the Republican Convention, getting my first introduction to their VP candidate. She gave a strong speech. We will see how she wears in the coming months. It is certainly an historic campaign this year.....the first Republican VP nominee and the first African American Presidential Nominee. On that is good.

Pictures follow.....