Sunday, October 18, 2009

Going Green

I had 4 trees delivered and planted in my desert yard....can't wait until they are grown up and providing shade and green. I also planted tomatoes....old dependable "Early Girl"...we'll see how they do in AZ. Added a Palm to my AZ room...just had to "Green" my place up. It is suppose to be the planting season here but we are having temps in the high 90's to 100! I thought I would be safe by this time. Oh well, just go with it.

Had a 3 day garage sale and sold lots of stuff....took the rest to the Charity Thrift Store. At last my garage is clean! Next I start on my clothes....since I am losing weight (15 pounds since Oct. 1st) I will be taking clothes to the resale shop. Makes the choices easy when they are too big.....harder when they are too small. I always believe I will eventually fit into them.LOL Maybe this time I will.