Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Travel Time Almost Here

June is about to bust out here in AZ and that usually means triple digit temperatures and a mass exodus of our friends the "Snowbirds".  This year however, May decided to masquerade  as June and we had days of 103 to 108 quite regularly.  This created some early exits and things are now pretty quiet down here.  My own exit plans are coming together.  I'm heading North to Washington this summer.  Planning to see friends and family along the way and then spend July with dear Marianne Warren in Federal Way and August at a pretty little house I rented in Port Townsend.  I made a new addition to the itinerary today.  A week in Moclips, WA. at the Gull Wing Inn.  It looks like a perfect place to relax, walk the beach, write, read and end the day in the resident hot tub.  I'm getting excited about being on the road again. 

Slight setback with "Moby" my Kia.  Found a leak in the radiator and so a new one is in the offing.  I'd rather spend that $500 plus on fun things but without old, faithful "Moby" there would be no trip so a little investment seems in order.

The "To Do" list is well in hand so I'm planning on hitting the road Thursday, June 14th.  In the meantime I'm going to enjoy my AZ. friends, provide an overnight stop for my Granddaughter and her Mom as they head on their own road trip to Virginia and celebrate a big birthday for my "oldest" friend Karen.

"Give me wings and wheels and an open heart, for my next big adventure is about to start."