Monday, October 29, 2012

Settling In

My new Swing

I still don't have my blog editing figured out.  The text that appears below my pictures was suppose to be up here so I'm afraid this posting is a little confusing.  Anyway, it is all about the work I did on my backyard after being away for the summer.  I'm loving the way it looks.  I hope you do too.
View from the patio

Path to my Wagon Wheel Corner

This is the rabbit proof area for planting flowers

The grass &rosemary green area

New Rock Lined Path

My Patio Area

A view to the backyard

Cactus and Agave area filling in

Alittle outdoor art on the Living Fence
So I've been home from my summer travels for almost a month now.  Still not completely unpacked, hard to believe but true.  I spent a couple weeks feeling overwhelmed with being home and actually having to keep a house and yard and live a "real" life.  I hated the way my yard looked.  The summer had not been kind to it so I called Gilbert and we got busy.  Now the hard stuff is done and it looks so good and I am busy with planting and doing the little "tweeking" things I love to do.  Purchasing a garden swing was a totally frivolous expenditure but it brings me such joy to swing that I just did it.  The beautiful Park in Port Townsend with the old fashioned glider was such a place of tranquility for me I wanted to replicate the experience at home.  Here are some pictures of the results of all the work Gilbert and I did.