Friday, November 30, 2012


The day before I was to leave for San Diego, I woke up a very sick gal.  I have no idea what sort of bug attacked me but it created a pretty violent day for me.  Based on what was going on with me physically I called my family and said it didn't look like I would make it to Thanksgiving dinner.  Naturally, they were worried and told me not to even try to make the 400 miles drive.  That night I slept well and in the morning awoke feeling quite good.  I decided I didn't want to sit home and have a "pity party" being all alone on Thanksgiving Day so I pulled myself together and hit the road.  6 hours later I arrived before the turkey was done.  In fact, I had time for a nap before we all sat down to celebrate the Holiday.  As usual, the food was wonderful.  I tried little bits of everything but my appetite was not very robust.  What I did enjoy was our gathering of family and friends and the blessing of being together.  I only stayed a couple days and made the trip home with an overnight stop in Yuma.  It was probably not the wisest choice for me physically but life is short and I don't want to miss a thing!  The picture is of our gathering at the Thanksgiving table.

Dan at the head of the table, Onay on his it should be.