Thursday, August 1, 2013


Car packed and ready to roll.  First day is always the drive to the Motel 6 in Barstow, CA.  I've been trying to upload pictures but my wifi doesn't seem strong enough to do the job.  That is why I haven't been keeping up with my blog.

Today I decided to start writing and post the pictures when I get home to my good internet hookup.

So here goes....after Barstow, I drove to Bakersfield and got on Interstate 5 and the long, and frankly boring, drive to WA.  I stayed at Motel 6 for two more nights and arrived at Marianne's house in Federal Way on June 27th.  Next night I met up with the group of Gals from my Housing Days.  We met at the 4 Seas bar in the Seattle International District to drink a toast to Richard McIver who passed away this year. The 4 Seas was his favorite place to participate in his favorite activity, meet, greet, listen, talk and drink with his constituents.  So we lifted a glass to honor him.  "Dicky" was a friend to affordable housing in the years he served on the Seattle City Council.  It was wonderful to see so many of my friends and participate in a tribute. 

I stayed with Marianne and we went to Poulsbo to meetup with her family to celebrate her granddaughter Kayla's 25th Birthday and for me to meet Kayla's baby girl, Rooney.  It was a great family night.  Rooney is a sweet little beauty.  The weather was perfect, the food excellent and I had my first "Lemon Drop Martini" in an ice glass.  Forget the birthday cake, it's Lemon Drop Martini's from now on!

On July 1st I took possession of my summer home.  The little studio cabin I stayed in last year.  It is just as delightful this year as it was last.  I have a neighbor who is a writer from Colorado.  Andi is writing a book about her experience of having her house burn down and what happened before and after.  She has a sweet little "Mexico rescue dog" named Nellie.  Both good neighbors.

On my first weekend in Port Townsend, I left to go to Lummi Island to meet up with a small group of friends from my High School Class of 1960.  That weekend deserves a full entry so shall close for now and try not to be too frustrated about not being able to post pictures.