Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

I'm leaving in the morning for San Diego to spend Christmas with my son Dan and family. I've delayed my trip hoping to shake this bronchitis I acquired. I was going great, finished up the four Westernaire concerts....see me in my concert finery.

I had a wonderful open house party for about 12 of my neighbors. Met some great people and feel much more connected. I've also been enjoying hot tub time at my neighbor Janet's.

Anyway, I was in great shape until the morning after the party and wham....the old bronchitis came to stay. So I have been popping antibiotics, resting, and trying to get the coughing under control before I head for Dan's.

In spite of the bronchitis, I have really enjoyed this Holiday season. Starting with Sandy's Thanksgiving visit, time with Karen, the Westernaires and some actual entertaining. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy people and entertaining. More of both in 2009!

Well, best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year. I'll be on the road to San Diego in the morning.