Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life is Good

It has been a lovely week here in the beautiful Northwest. I took an impromptu ferry ride to Orcas Island. The bad news was I forgot my camera. A good reason to return to take pictures of that lovely place. In all the years I've lived in the NW, this was my first trip to Orcas. I recommend it to all.

Today I am leaving shortly to drive up to Teanaway in the Cascade Mountains. A friend has invited me to spend Sunday and Monday nights in a cabin in the woods. It will be a nice change for me and some good people to spend time with. This time I will bring my camera. It is raining and cold here in Anacortes. Hope the weather is better in the Mtns. We'll see.

I sent out an email to my classmates that live in Oak Harbor. I'm hoping we can organize a get together on the Friday night of the class reunion weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and remembering those great "happy days" of high school in the 50's.

I saw the temperatures in Sun City West are 110 degrees today. So no complaining from me about the rain. I'm having a wonderful summer in the Northwest.

I'll be back soon with some pictures.