Friday, September 11, 2009

Nesting in San Diego

I'm safe and sound in San Diego, nesting with my son and family and resting before I go home to AZ. It's funny, after the High School Reunion in August, I kind of lost interest in my travels. I was really ready to go home but AZ temps were still in the 110 to 112 range. Sooooo, I headed south and did enjoy time in Oregon with my cousins and old friends in the Portland area. Then headed to Ilwaco, Wa. to meet up with my old "road warrior" friends John and Mike. Such a great reunion....I love those guys! Mike and his wife Lynn have a beautiful home and garden. They sent me on the way with fresh produce and eggs from their chickies. was great.
From Ilwaco I went down the Oregon Coast to Florence. I stayed on Clear Lake for 3 days before I left for California. The California Coast was beautiful....I stayed on Highway #1 to Bodega Bay. The road south is beautiful but oh so 15MPH
Pulling a trailer is quite the experience....lots of bouncing.

I spent a whole week in Bodega Bay, Ca. I was only about 20 miles from Sonoma, University where my granddaughter is in her second year. I had a lovely visit with Katie...visited her new dorm digs...which were a huge improvement over last year. she is doing well and loves College and her Sorority, Gamma Phi Delta.

The day after Labor Day I hit the road and did a two day trip to San Diego. I wanted to stay on the Coast in case there was still smoke from the LA fires. What I failed to realize is that Highway 101 goes through the middle of San Francisco and Los Angeles. After I recovered from the multiple muscle spasms created by clenching the steering wheel and being hyper-aware, I decided to fire my trip planner!LOL

So I arrived in San Diego, Safe and Sound....and proceeded to collapse for a day and a half. I am now feeling rested and much better. The one thing I really notice about getting older is the increasing length of my recovery time. I used to bounce back so quickly....that is no longer the case. Sigh

So enjoy the pictures....I will be heading home to AZ next weekend. 4 and a half months of travel in a 16 foot trailer is too much. I'll be working on new plans for next summer.