Friday, August 13, 2010

My Heart Song

You have been with me since I came to Earth. I have taken you totally for real thought about your needs. Living in innocence in the beginning, moving into awareness as the years past...still no consideration of you...yet you stayed, you did your work, you asked for supported me in all things, good and bad...unconditionally...the kind of love I wanted so badly...right there, beating loud enough for me to hear...if I had listened.

Years rolled by and in time you gave out...quietly, silently, not to bother me....not to worry me....just failing from neglect and giving up part of yourself, but still willing to stay with me. Finally I heard you....finally I recognized your needs...finally I understood that love is not a one way street.

In gratitude I return that love, I now understand your needs....I now see what my neglect has done to you and I am deeply sorry. I thank you for giving me another chance. I thank you for working so hard to give me give me an opportunity to live my remaining years in a different way...with a new awareness....a new respect....the respect that will lead me to make new choices, choices from the heart. My heart, my love.