Saturday, August 7, 2010


I'm grateful that I stayed in "the valley of the sun" this summer for obvious reasons but unless I absolutely have to, never again. The heat is impossible for me. At triple-digit degrees I can't be outside. I gaze longingly at my backyard and AZ room and cabin fever drives me nuts....don't know how people do it. Especially the folks working outside...road crews, landscapers, construction, etc. Yes, everything is A/C'd but you have to be indoors except for those brief moments racing from one place to another. Some hope in the early AM's when it is only in the 90's.

I have never lived in impossible winters....I expect you have to deal with the same issues of not being able to be outside....extremes on both ends of the temp scale are not for me.

So plans for summer getaways will continue.....perhaps modified a bit with my new situation but as long as I can, I'll be out of here! My admiration soars for those who choose (or have no choice) to live here fulltime through the summers.

P.S.S. October through May however are fabulous!!!