Thursday, February 2, 2012

Surgery Again

Damn arthritis! My right knee needs to be replaced. Surgery scheduled for February 28th. I keep getting flashbacks to my hip surgery and recovery and my anxiety level is high. I sincerely pray that this time around will not be as painful and difficult. Sandy is here to help me through. Bless her, she was wonderful when the hip got done. I know I am not a good patient but I will try harder this time. It is so difficult for me to ask for help even when I know help is available and given freely with love. Old conditioning, or maybe just the need to be in control.

I know all this excess weight I carry around is a big part of my health issues. I'm going to work hard at healthier eating and figure out other ways to deal with anxiety and fear. Hard to break a lifetime habit but not impossible. Planning to buy a recumbant exercise bike to have readily available. Once I get started I have always liked working out at the gym, it is just getting the motivation to get there that gets in the way. So I should be able to make it to my AZ Room!

I've started to write an autobiography. Moving along slowly, so many stories to tell. Shucks, I'm only up to the 6th grade, I hope I live long enough to finish telling my story. Katie said she can't wait read it. I was hoping my grandkids would be interested. Nice to know at least one is.