Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in San Diego

Both of my grandkids are home for Christmas break so my heart is happy. We had a lovely Christmas with Onay's sister, her son Chris and Onay's brother joining us for our traditional prime rib dinner. We had many gifts and fun. I got a new printer and router for my computer plus the expertise of my son to fix whatever can be fixed on my computer after being attacked a few weeks ago by a virus. Still not sure what can be salvaged from the hard drive. Keeping my fingers crossed that all is not lost and dedicated to backing up in the new year.

Tomorrow I leave San Diego to drive to LaQuinta, CA. to do Christmas with my brother and his wife. I'll spent the night with them and head home on the 30th. It seems to have become our tradition and a good one it is. New Years eve I am meeting up with Karen to go to the Burning Bowl ceremony at the Unity Church. At this service we let go of the past and look to the coming year. Another wonderful tradition.

So I am ready for the New Year in which I will have the joy of an extended visit from my friend Sandy. A surgical adventure to replace my right knee joint and the May graduation from College for my granddaughter Katie. Then summer in WA. with my friend Marianne. Already a full calender and it isn't even January!