Monday, August 6, 2012

Judy's Excellent Adventure

I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for over a year.  I wanted a "broken" heart to honor my own and remind me every day to take care of it.  When you have had a silent heart attack you need a reminder. 

Not knowing I had a heart attack was about as bad as knowing....My stents are doing their job but I sometimes forget they need my cooperation and help to keep doing what they are meant to do.  Sooooo, what better reminder than a permanent "marker"?? 

So with the loving help of a dear and long time friend, Gary, and his partner Aaron and friend Tony, they led me through the process, holding my hand and loving me all the way.  Yes, it did hurt but I'm a trooper, or so Aaron said.  Thanks to my guys for making my adventure one to remember with love.  Not a bad way to celebrate 2 years since the heart event and my 70th year.  I'm still here and living the good life.

Determination sets in

The easy part

Looking better, still easy

Getting less sure

Oooooh, it hurt, it really does

My what big eyes you have

Whooppee!  Finished

My Artist Tony

My Guys, Aaron, Gary & Tony, The Sweetest there are!