Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June in the Valley of the Sun

My first summer in Arizona and it is HOT! Today was 112 degrees and the rest of this week is forecasted to be as hot and hotter. I am trying to get my trailer loaded and ready to go for the rest of this summer. I'm having to do most of the work in the early morning or evening when it cools down to 90 degrees. This Seattle gal has not yet aclimated.

I plan to pull out on Sunday, June 22nd and head for Little Rock, AR. I'm meeting up with my traveling pal, Sandy and we are doing Branson, Memphis and Nashville for two weeks. She then heads home to Florida and I am footloose and fancy free. I'm thinking I'll stay in the South....head for the North Carolina coast but who knows...I love the freedom of knowing I can go where the spirit moves me. I checked on gas prices and they are in the $3 range in the places I plan to travel. Amazing how that now sounds like a bargain.

Last summer I traveled in a 13 foot travel trailer. This year my new trailer is 16.5feet and it feels HUGE. It is not however, as easy to pull as old "Cassie" so I will be going slower and eating more gas. I think the trade off for more space will prove worth it....I sure hope so.

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