Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shelter as Art

Well I am still here in Oklahoma. Big thunder storm and rain today so I decided to delay my trip to Arkansas a day. For the last couple of day I've been gazing across the road at a hand painted mural. Today I commented on how nice it was to have the artwork and was informed that the structure was "useful as well as ornamental". Turns out it is the tornado shelter for the RV park! This conversation took place in the laundry room during an especially loud burst of thunder. I was assured that "we've hardly ever had to use the shelter"..."we are near but not in the tornado corridor". Comforting....yes???

Im posting pictures of the "Shelter Art" for your enjoyment. Also the lovely eye coloration I have acquired since my hitch handle mishap. It's all art to me.

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Lauren Edlund said...

Judy - your eye is so colorful! No need to wear makeup! Have a great 4th of July. Lauren