Friday, June 27, 2008

Just an "Oakie" near Muskogee

Left New Mexico and drove on to Amarillo. Stayed at the Amarillo Ranch, RV Park for one night. Met a nice couple who are living in the park and working locally. They were living in Boise, Idaho happy and working until the September 11th disaster. They lost their jobs when the business slowdowns happened and relocated to Portland, Oregon. They told me the gray days finally got to them and they transferred to Amarillo. They are still not settled and as soon as their work contract is up they are relocating again, this time Minnesota. They are 40ish, no kids and trying to find a place to put down roots. Lord knows I've been there. I wish them well.

I left Amarillo day before yesterday, and drove almost 400 miles to Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma. The lake is huge and the water is very muddy looking. I guess with all the rain and runnoff they have had lately. I'm staying in an RV park just outside of Checotah. Famous as the hometown of Carrie Underwood. They are clearly very proud of her. Big sign on Hiway #40 announcing the fact. Not much of a town but very nice people. I had a good southern breakfast at Katy's Cafe this morning. Biscuits and good.

Last night they had an ice cream social at the RV park. Met the regulars and some folks passing through. One couple was especially nice. They loved my "Capri" and I gave them a tour. They were heading for Branson, Mo. today. They are in their late 80's, married 66 years and "on their game". It was a pleasure to talk to them and they certainly have my admiration.

Had a little accident while I was unhooking. The handle on the trailer hitch spun around and whacked me above my left eye. Today I am sporting a vivid purple shiner. Didn't need eye shadow when I did my makeup.

Well that is enough for today. I am going for a swim and then fix a little dinner. Tomorrow it is on the road again.

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KariLou said...

Ah yes....that #@$%$%^!!! thing just wasn't suppose to get in the way of your eye! Hope you were able to laugh - at least once it quit hurting......