Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Countdown to Dublin

Today I am continuing my packing for the trip to Ireland. In AZ. we are having a high ozone and heat day...suppose to hit 113 degrees. In Dublin it is rainy and in the 60's....trying to figure out how to pack is proving to be highly anxiety provoking. Somehow I can't get my head around what to take. I've never had such difficulty before.....I think it is because I have such a long stay ahead of me. Not returning to US until August 15th. I'm going to try considering it is a week long trip, clotheswize and see if that helps. I can always go to the cleaners and laundry, right?
I have been preparing for this trip for months. It is amazing how many things end up having to be handled the last week. My list is dwindling but still long. Everytime I face my suitcase and "to-do" list I want to either take a nap or go least I'm not overeating! At least not yet.
OK back to the packing. Black and White color scheme with colorful accents. Just start Judy!!

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