Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, I leave in the Morning

Well I'm packed and ready to go. I tried and tried to keep the packing light but the 50 pound limit pushed me into 2 checked bags. Fortunately, I'm traveling 1st and Biz Class and they are free. Thank you air miles! I have 2 carry ons. Now how I'm going to navigate all this through the airport and around Ireland, I'm not sure. I'm praying for curbside checkin. Taxi to the B&B, and helpful, strong men when I need them. When I am out and about in Ireland I will have a rental car so I can leave the heavy stuff in the car and just prepare a smaller, overnight type bag.
The heavy stuff is on wheels and the other ones have shoulder straps. So I shall become a pack mule from time to time. Good thing I have been doing weight lifting...I am strong!!
I'm feeling kind of numb actually. There has been so much to do to get ready to be gone so long.
There is a certain amount of anxiety that seems to go with this trip. It is my first big adventure since my heart stuff and although my cardiologist says go, go, go, I have some hesitance. I'll get over it once I'm seated in 1st Class on the plane and have a nice cool drink in my hand. So on we go, Ireland here I come!