Friday, June 3, 2011

San Diego

I so love San Diego. I'm here with my family to celebrate and attend my grandson Michael's high school graduation. Last night we attended a presentation at his high school for those students who won scholarships. Our Michael got a scholarship from Boise State College where he will be attending. Later we, Dan, Onay, Michael, Katie and G'ma went to BeniHana for dinner and to celebrate Michael's graduation and the huge promotion my Daniel just got. we had so much fun, and shared our table with a very nice family celebrating their daughter's birthday.
Yesterday I also took my granddaughter Katie to lunch at Jakes on the beach at Del Mar. She has grown to be such a great young woman. She has just finished her Junior year at Sonoma State University, majoring in Political Science. We had a wonderful conversation about her activities and I am thrilled that she has chosen to embrace my politics.....registered Democrat!! She wants to find an internship with an elected politico....I'll help her all I can but my contacts are a bit out of date. I have no doubt however, that Katie will do just fine with or without help from G'ma.
The weather has been beautiful....I so love this City and being able to be at the ocean and bay. I would love living in San Diego but haven't yet figured out how.....we'll see what the future brings. In the meantime, I am just enjoying my family and being in this lovely City. Pictures soon.