Thursday, December 8, 2011

Judy's Birthday

Before I left San Diego at Thanksgiving, the kids had a birthday party for me and a great gift card to HomeGoods. One of my new favorite stores. Yes, it is fun to get out of the thrift stores from time to time and especially nice using a gift card. When I got home I had my traditional Hot Fudge Sundae lunch with Karen and yet another gift card to enjoy, this time to I spent an extra "birthday" pampering myself with a pedicure, massage and hair cut. Total heaven.
I have to say that this years number is a little amazing to me. Seventy years old and still feeling young and ready for a new adventure. The only thing slowing me down is this damn arthritis...but I'm working with a good Dr. at the Mayo Clinic and am in good hands. I know I have to get back to my weight and exercise program for both the arthritis and my heart. It is so hard to get myself motivated when I am in pain. I can always come up with an excuse to keep me from doing the right thing for the long haul. On my birthday, I heard from everyone I love and all the friends on and off Facebook. It was a wonderful day.
The sad news I received was that my dear cousin Peni had passed away. I knew it was coming soon but for her way too soon. She and I had birthdays only a couple of weeks apart and sadly she didn't get to see her 70th year. She had a good life, especially when she married her Lee at 17. He was 10 years older and at the time nobody in the family gave them much hope. Well everyone was wrong because they had a good marriage and a house filled with love. Peni and Lee have two children, and grandchildren and good, good friends. I hope they will all find comfort in each other and the memories of Peni. She was an artist and had an open and loving heart. I had gotten especially close to her since my retirement and I consider that a real gift. I know she will rest in peace and love.
So I am filled with gratitude for the blessing of seventy years, good friends and a loving family. I can't wait to see what my next adventure will be. Stay tuned, something is bound to turn up.