Sunday, April 28, 2013

Say Goodby to the Palm Tree

This huge palm tree sat in the middle of my front yard and completely blocked the view from my front window, plus blocked the light.  Then I found out critters were living in it along with bugs.  It is hard to hate a tree but let's say the Palm and I have never bonded over the five years I've been living with it.

So, when I got the mailing from a company that buys Palm Trees I jumped at the chance.  Last year Troy, the owner came to inspect the tree.  He said at that moment it had been trimmed too far up and needed to have some time to regenerate so it would survive transplant.  Troy said he would see me next Spring.....and happily, "Spring is Here" and so was Troy.  Today the tree is on a truck heading to Texas and I have a clear front yard and a little money in the bank.  The following pictures of the process will give you an idea of how big a deal it was to get this tree out of the ground and on the truck.  Most of my neighbors were out with there cameras....loving the entertainment.  I should have charged admission!

Just the beginning
Now the work begins

"Chain saw cutting a square around the tree to get the root ball out
Can you see how big the chain saw is???

This was like a huge chain saw that cut through everything and down about 4+ feet

Just part of the equipment..."Tonka Toy Time"  on steroids

Big scarey swinging hook...way to close to my house

That crane was swinging that big metal hook so close to my house, for a while I thought I might be getting a skylight

Here is comes

It coming out of the ground , pulled by that huge crane

Now that is what I cal a "root ball" even if it is square

Joining the other palms on the truck

Swinging from the giant crane

On the truck and heading for Texas

The yard is now a clean slate....I'm thinking it will have something low growing and beautiful by next Spring.