Monday, April 22, 2013

St. Augustine, Florida Visit

Dancing the night away
Girl's Just Got to have fun!
St. Augustine Cross
The Lion on the Lions Gate Bridge
Pelicans in mating season all dressed up with yellow hats.
Enjoying the Ecco Cruise
In February I flew to Jacksonville, Florida and met Sandy and we drove south to St. Augustine so I could see her new home and spend some relaxation time.  Turns out I love St. Augustine.  Sandy has a nice condo that was very comfortable and close to everything we wanted to see.  We went to a great Unitarian Church, went on an Ecco-Cruise where we learned a lot about the birds and fish and dolphins.  Ate wonderful seafood, toured historic places and went out (after dark) with some of Sandy's new friends and even ended up dancing.  It was a great trip and a great visit....If you haven't been to St. Augustine, Florida, go!  It is actually the oldest town in the United States....lots of great history and buildings to see.  So here are the pictures:
Sandy at the Hydroponic strawberry farm
Local musicians at the Farmer's Market
On  the Beach at the Atlantic Ocean
 We really had a great time.  I'm looking forward to going back for another visit.  Sandy actually lives on an Island across a couple of bridges from St. Augustine.  It is just the right place to be, close enough to all the attractions of St. Augustine but out of the tourist crush....I think she will be there a long, long time.