Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back in the USA!

I made the drive from Penticton, BC to Federal Way, WA. yesterday...350 miles. A long, uneventful drive. I had planned to go south on Hiway 97 to Wenatchee and then Blewett Pass to Hiwy 90. Fortunately I checked the news before I left and found out about a forest fire north of Chelan so I chose to take the same route home as I took to get here. Last thing I needed was to be breathing in fire smoke.

I am now back with Marianne and feeling much better. Still coughing but the fever is gone and I don't have the "achey's". Marianne fixed me chicken soup for dinner and I slept well. Up this morning catching up on laundry and computer stuff. I'll be here until Sunday when I moved Ms. Capri to the Fidalgo Bay RV park in Anacortes. I'm ready to get settled in and start my summer reading. I brought a box full of books I want to get too. I have such a tough life!!

The Northwest is having "weather magic".....weeks now of sunshine and great temps. I know it can't last but it is wonderful. The "siren sun of seattle summer" has lured many an unsuspecting soul to move here. Then winter arrived with the day after day gray skys and rain. Having grown up in WA. I will not be fooled!LOL