Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally 100 degrees in Sun City West, AZ

Last summer I left Sun City West, AZ. in June and the temperatures were already over 110 degrees. I couldn't get out of town fast enough. This year I left before the June sizzle began. I was not going to be a fool trying to load a mental trailer in 112 degrees this year. I may be new to desert living but I'm no dummy. As I drove out of town I knew that June would soon burst forth with 110+ temperatures and was so glad to be heading north to Washington.

Since then I have been tracking the SCW temps and am now totally confused. Today, June 18th, is predicted to be the first 100 degree day in June. My friends and family who live in the desert have been telling me about the beautiful summer they are having with temps in the 90's. I'm confused! Can this mean the climate is changing?? Can this mean I may not have to flee the desert in the summer?? Or is this the same "weather siren" that visits Seattle in the summer to bring sunshine, clear skys and perfect temperatures. This "siren" is the one that convinces vulnerable folks like me that weather is not an issue and you can actually live year round in the desert and survive a long, gray winter in Seattle.

I have seen this "sirens" work before. One winter, many years ago in San Bernardino, California when the air was clear, the snow was gleaming on the mountains and the orange groves were green and beautiful. It was paradise, who wouldn't want to live there. Fast forward a few months and San Bernardino was swamped in smog and those snow capped mountains were lost to view. The "siren" laughed gleefully at the poor souls who had moved to the area during the "magic time" and were now choking on smog and exhaust fumes.

So I will be watching the Sun City West temperatures during the coming months. Will climate change be working in my favor or it this yet another "siren" call to resist! Stay tuned...