Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Settling in at Anacortes

I got here Sunday and have been "house" cleaning and organizing. It has been great waking up to a water view. I really like Anacortes. It is a charming town with great old houses, cute shops and a beautiful setting on the water. I've seen about a dozen cottages I'd love to live in....but alas.....my real estate buying days are pretty much past. I'll just hang on to my AZ house and see what the future brings.

Nice RV park but no frills. Wish they had a pool but no such luck. Fidalgo Bay is out there but I don't know if I can muster the courage to swim in that arctic cold water. Maybe later in the summer when it heats up, at least on land. I used to teach beginners swim classes when I was a teenager on Whidbey Island. I remember those 6 year olds shivering and blue, learning to swim, while I was snug and warm in my sweatshirt.

Today I plan to check out the local thrift store and find a seafood lunch. Oh, the stress of it all. LOL

P.S. Pictures will eventually show up.