Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Canada!

I left Bellingham and headed across the border. Drove through the Fraisier Valley and then on the Hope Princeton Hiway to Penticton. Stopped along the way to admire a black bear enjoying his lunch.

Got to see my friend Johnny and spend some time with his grandkids, Brooke and Kiah. I had been looking forward to this visit but it hasn't gone well. I acquired yet another respiratory infection and have been so sick. I went to a walk in clinic and got the usual antibiotic treatment. Wasn't sure they would see me here in Canada but for $65.00 they did, plus the cost of the meds. I'm afraid I haven't been a very enjoyable vistor. Fortunately, I have been able to stay at Johnny's condo..."(he has recently moved into an assisted living complex) I have had privacy for my coughing bouts and most of my "meanies".

Today is my last day here so I am going to try to pull it together and be nice and spend some quality time with Johnny before I leave. Tomorrow morning I head back to Marianne's place to stay until June 7th when I move Ms. Capri and Me to the Fidalgo Bay RV Park in Anacortes, WA. Hope I am in a better mood by the time I get to Marianne's. If not I may find myself sleeping in my car! At least I got some good pictures to share.