Friday, July 25, 2008

"Free Bird"

During this trip I have had so many women tell me that they would love to do what I am doing but.......
"I would be afraid to travel alone"....."I could never do all that RV hooking up and driving by myself"...."There are mean people out there"....."I would be so lonely"....I'm too old to do something like that"...."I don't have the time"...."I couldn't afford it"...."My kids would worry"...."My family would never approve".

I was talking to a woman just a day or two ago and she was fascinated by my travels. She said, "why, you are just a free bird". I loved that idea. I never thought of it quite like that, but a "free bird" I am. After so many years of being a mother,a wife, a worker and a generally responsible human bean, I have now reached a time in my life when I am a "free bird" and I intend to revel in the opportunity. I was born with "gypsy in my soul" and now is my time.

I love to travel and see what is around the next corner. I love talking to strangers and finding out how other people think and feel. Traveling alone is a very different experience than traveling with someone. Don't get me wrong. My travels with family and friends have been wonderful and I want to continue forever, seeing the world with my near and dear.

But, traveling alone opens me in ways I just don't experience when I am with friends. I talk to everyone I meet and I listen....I feel free to be just who I am with no cares about what anyone may think. I can arrive and disappear at responsibilities, no concerns.....just "Jude on the go". It is a freedom I have never had in any other way. Yes, I do sometimes get lonely...but that is a good thing too. I gives me a chance to appreciate all the love and joy I experience with my family and friends.

Being alone on the road is also a time to spend with myself in ways I can't do at home. I am not thinking about what I should be doing. I am present in the moment and according to Oprah, that is a very good thing. Ha, Ha. I have to agree. The moment is what I am living out here in traveland.

So I tell all those women that say they envy me to "just do it". Don't be afraid. The "God of women traveling alone" is all around and taking care of us all. As long as I am healthy, curious, and able to keep filling the gas tank and collecting air miles, I will be a "Free Bird".

Give me wings and wheels and a willing life's next journeys are about to start". See you on the road.

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