Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Bill Clinton Country

I spent a couple of nights in Hot Springs, AR., had a nice RV spot on Lake Hamilton. (see the picture)...then made the short drive up to Little Rock. There I picked up my friend Sandy at the airport and we spent the day at the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Museum. It was a great day. The library is stunning. They had a timeline display that showed all the events that took place over the 8 years of his terms. I was saddened to realize how far we have come from those days of a solid economy, an excellent reputation around the world and the public funding priorities that resulted in more affordable housing and community development initiatives. Those were good years for many of us. My hope is that we can come back from these difficult years and recoup the gains we have lost. I'm optimistic.

From Little Rock we drove north to Branson, Mo.

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