Friday, July 18, 2008

Nashville...Country Music Nirvana

I'm still in Nashville...can't seem to tear myself away. Sandy flew home on Our last days were spent in downtown Nashville at the Hampton Inn. A little upgrade in our surroundings and a real bed for my friend. I have to confess, the guilt got to me over the sleeping arrangements in Ms. Capri. Sandy was a super, good, sport, but spent her nights on the floor on top of 3 inches of foam. The sleeping bunk in Ms. Capri just didn't do it. makes great storage but you would have to bee a small child of about 60 pounds to be comfortable up there. I need to figure out how to improve the sleeping thing or run the risk of always traveling alone.

Nashville was fun, fun, fun. We spent one whole day at the Country Music Hall of Fame. What a fabulous place for a country music fan like me. The displays were amazing, lots of history....lots of music....costumes, etc. The pictures don't do it justice.

We also did a little "honkey tonking" on Broadway. The great thing for us was that live music starts early in the day and goes on and on. We managed to bar hop, eat dinner and still be in our "jammies" and real beds by 8PM. The days of late night partying are long gone, but we do love those in house (in bed) movies. I have to say, we heard more talent (for free) on Broadway in Nashville then they have in all of Branson.

After Sandy left, I moved out to the Opryland area. I'm staying at a KOA. I vistied the Grand Old Opry museum and the Opryland Hotel. I didn't go the the Opry because I had been there in 1987 and there is no way I could top that visit.

Tomorrow I am pulling out and heading for the Great Smokey Mountains. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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