Friday, July 25, 2008

Whoops, my Asheville post left some things out

So I'll try again. What I was saying is that Asheville has evolved into a modern city with all the galleries, music venues, historic neighborhoods, and scenic beauty without losing the past. I really love it. The people are friendly, polite and interesting. I have to say that I have been "Mam-ed" to distraction. I have also had a teenage boy offer to help me carry my groceries to the car, had doors opened for me and been shown much kindness and consideration.

My only sadness came when we suffered through two days of High Alert regarding air quality. I couldn't believe that such a thing could happen in the mountains of NC.
It seems however, that the TVA still uses coal to fire their power plants and that combined with the usual suspects is poisoning the air. It is worse the higher up you go and the wildlife and plantlife are suffering. There is much attention being paid locally and folks are working to improve the situation. What are we doing to our planet??

I do realize that my SUV pulling a travel trailer is not helping. I guess I had better clean up my own act before I point too many fingers. I just never considered I would have trouble breathing in the Mountains of North Carolina.

P.S. The town is plastered with OBAMA 2008 signs.

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