Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bend, Oregon

Artichokes at the Farmers Market

Bread at the Farmers Market

Mt. Bachelor
Gorgeous local Flowers
Riverside Park

I've spent 3 days here and enjoyed it so much.  I was here about  10 years ago and am amazed at the growth since then.  Population is about 80,000 and it appears to be thriving.  Beauty is everywhere.

Mt. Batchelor looks down on the town and it is great to see a snow capped Mountain again.  I know I am in the Northwest.  There is a beautiful park on the banks of the river that runs through town. 

Today I spent some time at the Farmers Market and the park.  Also had to make a stop at Radio Shack to get a new power source for my GPS...the old one had some wires that got pulled one works fine.

In the morning I'm heading North to Sandy, Oregon to spend some time with my cousins.
I'm having a great time.