Monday, July 23, 2012

Island Paradise

I had an unexpected and greatly appreciated invitation to spend a few days at a beautiful home on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State.  Even though I grew up in Washington and spent over 30 years of my adult life living and working in the State, I had only been to Vashon Island once before.  The Island is a short ferry ride from both Seattle and Tacoma.  I took the Seattle route to get there and came home by way of Tacoma.  Since I am staying about half way between the two cities, it was an easy adventure.

Lots of old barns, wood reclaimers would go crazy!!

A few of the local residents

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

Oh the colors

How does Nature do this???

Sweet Peas

A burst of Nature
The island's population in about 10,000 residents and is still very rural.  Reminds me of Whidbey Island back in the 1950's when I was living there.  I took a short walk with my friend and was able to find a lot of interesting photo opportunities.  The views from the house where I stayed are beautiful and oh so peaceful.
The Girrafe Store....

The View from my Window

A face to remember

Just a little Beauty here and there

Wild Beauty

Loved this scene

A talented artist's creation

Wonder if this place is for rent?

To light the dark

A Madrona Tree gone Horizontal

I have no idea what this you?

Give me a "Daisy a Day"

Even old doors and cars are artistic on Vashon

Just your everyday gardener!

Madrona Bark

Now that's how to build a fence
I couldn't resist this shot