Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seattle's Pike's Market trip

Sidestreet Entrance to the Market

Freshest Fish

"Flying Fish" Market

Flowers fresh from the fields

Now that is real Salmon

Art in Display

Something for every taste

Hard to see the Starbucks sign but it is the first one

The Line for Starbucks

Big Impovements to this Park

New Addition to the Seattle Waterfront

Seattle skyline from the Market

Backside of Pike's Market
Pike's Market is a Seattle historical landmark very much still active and bustling with business.  Today a friend and I visited, had lunch and remembered the many years and visits we had made in the past.  The only changes I saw were positive and the summer crowds were out in full force.  I would suggest to anyone visiting Seattle that Pike's Market is a must see.  Just be prepared for crowds.  The first Starbucks is located there and the famous "flying fish" market.  Good fresh fish, meat, produce, flowers and many, many other specialty foods and arts and crafts to see, sample and buy.