Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friends, friends, everywhere!

I am having such a good time checking back in with old friends in Seattle. I attended a luncheon for the Housing Development Consortium this week. Over 400 people honoring the HDC's 21 years and their founding ED's retirement. Lots of familiar faces plus many folks I didn't know. Tells me that in the past two years the housing field in WA. is attracting new people....a very good thing. "The old Girls Network" is gathering on Friday for drinks and I can hardly wait. I also went to lunch with Marianne and her daughter Kim. So nice to see Kim again...and spend time with her. I am staying with Marianne for the remainder of this week and then heading North to see my sister and settle in to Anacortes for the summer. The weather has been great...a little rain but lots of sunshine and mild temps. It was beautiful on the water today. Pictures are of Kim, Marianne and me plus the view from the resturant. Live is sooooo good.