Monday, May 4, 2009

On the Road Again!

Today is the day I head North. I had a great list of "To Do's" to get ready. Thought of everything.....almost. forgot to have the trailer checked out at the Dealer Service. Went in this morning at 7:30 and they fixed a couple of minor things and said I'm good to go. Sooooo, I'm going. Hope to make it to at least Barstow, Ca. today. I've got 756 miles to get to Carson City, NV. My first visit stop with my Niece, Tracy. I'm planning on at least 300 miles a day average. Sometimes however, I get a second wind after my 300 and want to keep driving. That's what I love about unstructured travel. I can just go with my flow of energy and joy and stop when I want to. So wish me well.......the journey begins!