Saturday, August 13, 2011

777777Victoria & Albert Museum plus other stuff

Hi Y'all,
Tomorrow is packing day and trying to find a place to print out my boarding pass. My taxi is ordered to arrive at 4;45 AM Monday morning. That's right, very, very, early. My flight leaves at 7:45 AM and they advise 3 hours prior to flight but I'm only giving them 2 hours. Heathrow has body scanners so that should be interesting. Wonder if I get a print of my innards??? Things have quieted down here in London, although there are still some looting happening. A grocery story within walking distance of me, got raided, during the early evening by a group of young thugs. It is boarded up and there was an article in the local paper. So it is not over yet.
Now on the cheerier reports. The Victoria and Albert Museum was totally impressive and huge. I have never seen so many marble and ivory nudes....I spent quite a while in gazing mode. What a collection of design art they have, plus a lovely garden area to have tea. Such interesting architecture, I took a bunch of pics that I hope give you some idea of what V&A is like...Today I went to the Camden Street Market. Pictures will follow soon. Great antique stuff, lots of vintage clothes, etc. but prices were very high ... and even higher with the exchange rate. So no shopping just looking today. It is off to bed for me and a "work" day tomorrow. I hope I can pack in a way that makes my luggage more manageable.