Monday, August 1, 2011

New Adventure Beginning

I'm in Wales waiting for a train. Just took a 3 hour ferry ride across the Irish Sea....beautiful. The sun is shining, my cold seems to be almost gone and I'm getting my travel mojo back.
I have a bunch of pics to download when I get settled. Spent Sunday on a train trip to the Ireland Coast. Had dinner in Dalkey....home of Mauve Binchey. Stopped in the local book shop and talked to the owner. She says Mauve is a wonderful lady but is having a bad time with arthritis and doesn't get around too well. I feel for her living in the damp climate of Ireland. I suggested the bookshop get a life size cutout of Mauve so we tourist types could have a picture with her. The owner thought it was a great idea.....Dalkey is a lovely town, very "posh" as they say over here. Apparently Enya, Bono, Mauve and other famous folks have homes there.
When I took the train back to Dublin the "football" match at the stadium had just finished and the town was wild. Lots of guinness fueled young men cheering and partying. It got a little uncomfortable with the crowds and noise but I managed. Sports fans are the same world wide, such enthusiasm.
With luck, I will be in my new London "home" in about 5-6 hours. The train ride is about 4 hours through the mountains in Wales and the English countryside. A long trip but worth it I hope. I could have flown to London but this sounded way sounded much more interesting. We'll see.