Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day on the Thames

Wow, the sun came out, I got to take a Thames River Cruise, I bought a "walking stick", took a bus tour around town and the pictures tell the story.

Some things I've been learning about London. Very difficult town if you don't do stairs. The Tube
(their subway) is the worst for stairs and no lifts. (that is UK speak for elevator). I also found out after walking around with an empty plastic bottle in my hand, that they do not put refuse bins in place because they can hold bombs, Yikes!
I finally broke down and bought a walking stick. I purchased it at the same shop, endorsed with the Royal Seal, that the royals buy their fly fishing and other outdoor equipment. My "stick" adapts to many sizes so if I want to appear athletic I can make it long and ramble along like a mountaineer. If my knee keeps buckling and collapsing (as it is doing with increasing regularity), I can bring it down to, dare I even say it, cane size. I managed all the stairs yesterday with my new companion and today I am not destroyed! My new companion is also great for keeping me steady on the cobblestone streets...which BTY I see being navigated quite skillfully by young women in very high is the best street performance in town!

I also spent some time on Oxford row. I even found a shop catering to we larger gals. I couldn't resist, I bought a top and just pretended the 32 I paid for it was Dollars not Pounds. I will see the folly of my ways when I get my credit card statement. London is uber expensive....but I only have about 9 more days here and a "lifetime" to payoff the credit card. Right Dan??

Today, my new companion and I are going to walk down the street to find the Camden Passage market, right here in my neighborhood. I've never been very good at rooting through stuff, I like it sized and hung on hangers, but when in London.....street markets are the cool thing....perhaps a treasure awaits.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to go to Church at St. Paul's Cathedral. 11:30 Eucharist. Nice to be able to worship in the Mother Church for Episcopalians.....even a few of us fallen ones. BTW...I have to stop eating soon.....I'm so impessed by the fruit, veggies, bread, cheese and puddings (UK speak for dessert) that I have been bringing a new bag of goodies home every day. I mean, how bad can it be with no meat??? That damn scale at home is just waiting to laugh hysterically when I take my first step on it. A day of reckoning for sure....but I am the "master of denial" my shopping bag and I are not through yet! "...miles to walk before I eat..."