Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some Thoughts and Confessions

I've been on the road now for 42 days and frankly, it is wearing me down. My enthusiasm for sight seeing is waning and what a shame that is, since I am in London. Now that I have gained more experience as a trip planner, I would have done this trip differently. I loved Ireland and I truly miss being there. The people were such a joy and my Dublin base allowed me to meet people and stave off being lonely as a solo traveler. I think it would have been wiser to go home instead of coming to London. I really misjudged my level of energy and have a case of travel fatigue.
The student housing where I am staying provides a reasonably priced more than adequate room.
And though it does have a common room, it is pretty much empty of travelers. I think I am the oldest person in the building....and the "kids" are either working or studying for the summer. So far the only person I have talked with is the security guy who is really a sweetheart. The area is nice and non-touristy. The tube is about a 15 minute walk and there are buses running regularly. All that looked good "on paper" but is turning out to be lonely and I'm too tired to do much about it.
I have another week in London and plan to see some more of the sights. I know when I get home, I will regret not having seen more of London but I can live with that. Who knows, I may just be having a bad day and will wake up in the morning raring to go! For tonight, it feels like "I stayed too long at the Fair" old song I remember.
P.S. The picture is a painting I bought from a street artist.